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It can be empowering to engage in the fight for sex workers rights! So many times our community is spoken about by “experts” and outsiders who have no real understanding of who we are, what we need and how we live.

If you choose to bring your voice to the table, you will not only be adding your experiences to the conversation. You will also strengthen the resolve of your peers and experience the freedom which comes from confronting the systematic oppression which impacts all of our lives.

No experiences are too small, every voice has a place in the sex workers rights movement. What ever your experiences are, good or bad, they are an important contribution to the discussion about the truth of our lives.

Clients of sex workers, sex industry business owners and third parties who work in the sex industry (like booking staff, bouncers, drivers, DJ’s) are rarely included in discussions about sex industry safety. Your voices are also critical to developing plans for reform.

The sex workers rights movement is growing in Canada with new groups forming in more and more areas of the country.

If you would like to connect with a local sex workers group, please contact us and we will work to connect you with people in your area. You can also refer to the Resources Section and look for any organizations in your area.RESOURCES

If you are interested in forming a sex workers rights group in your area we can also help with that. There are national and local organizations who can share the ways they were able to come together. We are always happy to support formation of new sex workers groups. The more voices the better!

Please contact us for connections!

We are here to support your journey!


The BC Coalition of Experiential Communities

The B.C. Coalition of Experiential Communities (BCCEC) was formed out of two regional meetings of sex workers in 2002 and 2004. In 2005 we became a consortium of sex worker activists mandated as a mechanism for the voices of experiential people to support the development of legislation and policies; peer driven programs and services; and work toward the elimination of oppressive systems and forces that create harm within the sex industry.

BCCEC is currently project driven and consists of members who have over 50 years combined experience in advocacy, direct service delivery and management, as well as over 80 years experience in all facets of the sex industry. The BCCEC remains grounded in the issues facing individuals in and from the sex industry and may serve as a:

  • consultative body of perspectives on sex work issues;
  • a host organization for sex worker workshops, events and initiatives;
  • research body to increase sex workers’ participation in knowledge development by and for workers
  • support system for self advocating sex working people through sharing knowledge and experience working in human rights, labor rights and within government at all levels.

BCCEC members have been major contributors to sex worker organizations in Vancouver BC, Kamloops, Prince George and Surrey/Whalley, most notably the Mobile Access Project, The Naked Truth ( an online resource who also host events like “Dancers for Cancer”) New Hope (Prince George drop in program), among other organizations.

We support diverse perspectives and experiences in the sex industry however we do not support enforcement or rehabilitation models that promote the continued criminalization of sex workers or perpetuate sex worker dependency on social programs.

Our Mission

The BCCEC is a mechanism for the voices of experiential communities to:

  • influence legislation and policies that provide for sex workers inclusion;
  • advocate for a continuum of peer driven programs, initiatives and services to support those who are forced into the sex industry to transition safely;
  • Advocate for the rights of sex industry workers to work free from harm and enjoy the benefits of their labour.

The BCCEC continue to work based on these principles and develop actions based on the will of the sex industry community. Through the years, the BCCEC has engaged with community members during a variety of projects from Victim’s Services reforms to Cooperative development.

Our current project is the establishment of occupational health and safety in our industry via a voluntary “certification” process which you read about here on the Naked Truth.


For more information and to view the reports, please visit our blog!

And as always, please feel to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas!



The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth provides sex-worker-driven, accessible resources, tools, and supports that prioritize health, safety, ethical business practices, and training for sex workers and our clients; and promotes a voluntary system of self-regulation in the Canadian sex industry.

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